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Slim Line Barrow Lid Only

Lid for Slim Line Barrow

Slim Line Barrow Partition Only

Partition for Slim Line Feed Barrow

Eco-Shifter Barrow 280L (Ready Assembled)

Very Large Popular Stable Barrow for mucking out!

Galvanized Hay Tanker

Size suits most hay bales.

Glider Barrow

120L Capacity

Great Dane Barrow Galvanised Pan

140L Capacity

Great Dane Barrow Steel Pan

Very popular with polo yards.

Loadman Barrow

This is a sturdy single wheel barrow with extra large capacity.

NEW Eco-Shifter Barrow 280L c/w Puncture Proof Wheels

Very Large Popular Stable Barrow for mucking out!

Slim-Line Feed Barrow

Galvanised chassis, swivel wheels on one end.
From £263.52

Stable Barrow

Surprisingly light to handle.

Three Wheeled Barrow

Very maneuverable in tight spaces.250 litre.

Tipping Barrow

Takes the strain away from tipping.
From £275.02

Twin Wheeled Barrow

Heavy duty plastic pan with galvanized frame