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Buckets/Feed Mangers

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Stainless Steel Bucket and Lid

Stainless Steel Bucket and Lid
From £21.24

6 Gallon Bucket

Virtually indestructible.

Bracket for corner Manger

Bracket for corner manger.

Bucket Clip

Use with flat sided buckets.
From £3.00

Builders Bucket

Available in 5 colours.
From £5.70

Economy Plastic Feed Bowl

With detachable handle.
From £10.06

Economy Plastic Hook-Over Manger

Economy Plastic Hook-Over Manger
From £16.73

Flat Sided Bucket

Popular model in heavy duty plastic.

Foal Feeder

Foal Feeder Complete with wall bracket.

Galvanized Corner Manger

Very heavy Duty Corner Manger

H2Go Bag

H2Go Bag - transport up to 80 litres of water in a wheelbarrow.
From £14.80

Heavy Duty Feed Bowl

Heavy duty feed bowl without handle
From £25.75

Manure Skip

Large or Medium sized manure skip
From £20.52

Plastic Corner Manger

Heavy duty plastic Corner Manger.

Plastic Haybar

This all plastic haybar has been designed with the horse and owner in mind

Plastic Hook-Over Manger

Moulded Plastic Plastic Hook-Over Manger
From £12.22

Rubber Feed Skips

Rubber skip with moulded handles
From £19.46

Rubber Water Bucket

Virtually indestructible.

Trigger Clip with Back Plate 5"

Use with flat sided buckets.