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Clipper Blades & Accessories

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From £49.50

Lister Laser Blades

From £57.34


Very high quality blades
From £43.37


These blades will also fit Equiquip, Cloverfield and Oster machines.Standard/Fine/Very Fine

Lincoln Aeroso Clipper Oil

Lincoln Aerosol Clipper Oil
From £46.50

Lister Blades

Blades for Liberty, Star and Laser machines.

Lister Clipper Oil

Recommended for Lister clippers.
From £28.08

Lister Legato

Blades for Lister Legato.
From £24.00

Lister Meteor

Blades for Lister Meteor.


Blades for Rex/Wahl Pro.

Oster A5

Highly recommended for trimming and for clipping nervous horses.
From £26.46

Oster Blades

Blades for Wahl and Oster medium size machines.

Wahl Arco Blades

Wahl Arco Blades

Wahl Pro Series Blades

Wahl Pro Series Blades
From £48.55

Wolseley Blades

Blades for Wolseley machines