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Electrodex 13.63kg

Water soluble, cherry flavoured electrolyte.
From £47.44

2:2:1 Superlyte™ Syrup

2:2:1 Superlyte™ Syrup replaces electrolytes in exactly the same ratio as are lost in equine sweat.

3x 2:2:1 Superlyte™ Syringe

Pack of 3 syringes. 70g each.
From £53.99

Apple Lytes

Apple Lytes - Electrolyte
From £16.60

Electrolyte Gold®

Electrolyte Gold® is a scientifically formulated product containing essential body salts and vitamins in an amino acid and glucose base.
From £18.73

Isopro 2000™

Isopro 2000™ is an isotonic 'body salts' mix for daily use in performance horses.

Isopro 2000™ Professional Pack

Isopro Professional Pack 15kg

Marlow RechargeR Liquid 4L

Marlow RechargeR Liquid 4L

Marlow RechargeR Powder 10kg

Marlow RechargeR Powder 10kg

Restore-Lyte Syringes

Restore-Lyte Syringes 3 x 35g

Restore-Lyte® Powder

The correct balance of ion salts available in a water soluble form.