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Farrier Tools

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Milled in stainless steel this buffer is 150mm long and is designed for cutting nails.


Farriers Clinchers

Double Sided Rasp

Top quality double sided rasp

Farriers Hammer, 8oz

This Hex Nailing Hammer will secure loose shoes in no time.

Hoof Knife

Right handed anvil brand hoof knife.

Hoof Nipper

Professional quality drop forged product.

Hoof Tester

A professionally designed tool.
From £11.65

Horseshoe Studs

Horseshoe Studs

Loop Knife

Farriers Loop Knife


Farriers Searcher

Shoe Puller

Exceptional quality and engineering, this is designed for removing loose shoes in emergency situations.

Tanged Rasp

14" rasp made from the best tool alloy steel.

Tanged Rasp Handle

Handle for above tanged rasp.


Farriers Tongs