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Fenbendazole/Worm Count Kit

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Ovatec Faecal Worm Counting Kit

Basic Kit for sample collection
From £60.09

Drenching Kit

Quality tool for dispensing panacur 10%
From £92.40

Panacur® 10% Cattle, Sheep & Horse Wormer (Fenbendazole 10% Suspension)

When dosing large numbers of horses this product is a more economical alternative to the Equine Guard.
From £16.08

Panacur® Equine Guard Wormer (Fenbendazole 10% Suspension)

For the control of small redworm larvae in equines.
From £10.20

Panacur® Equine Paste Wormer

Paste form of PanacurĀ®.
From £17.74

Worm Count Kit

Available in ONE or TWO horse packs.