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Fly and Lice Control

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Aeroxon Barn & Stable Fly Catcher

Easy to hang giant fly catcher

Aeroxon Fly Papers

Traditional sticky fly papers.
From £13.25

Barrier Louse Powder

Fast action formula.

Barrier Super Plus

Calms irritation and stops the need to rub.

Barrier Super Plus

Calms irritation and stops the need to rub.

Bercol Fly Trap

The Best Fly Trap Since Flies Bred
From £23.16

Bremsen Fly Spray

Bremsen Fly Spray

Citronella Oil

Citronella Oil
From £41.16

Deosect Concentrate

Effective and very economical fly repellent

Empty Spray Bottle

A universal trigger operated sprayer
From £10.49

Fly Fringe

Adjustable, fits easily to headcollar or bridle.
From £13.99

Fly Mask

Touch and close fastening.
From £14.99

Fly Mask with Ears

Touch and close fastening.


10% concentrate for cutaneous emulsion enilconazole 100mg/m

Itch Stop Salve Complete

To protect, disinfect and sanitise existing sores as well as repelling against new bites.
From £28.54


Proven to prevent sweet itch.
From £15.29

Lincoln Lice Control Powder

Ready to use Permethrin based insecticidal powder.

NAF - Off Deet Gel

Especially to protect against the allergic reaction to Midge Bite.
From £16.99

NAF - Off Deet Spray

Well proven and researched fly repellent.
From £13.99

NAF - Off Extra

An effective natural spray for horses and humans