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Human First Aid

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Accident Book

A quick and easy system for recording accidents in the workplace.
From £4.22

Dressing Strips

Simply cut the amount of plaster required from the strip.
From £6.05

Eyewash Pods

A must for every first aid kit.

Finger Stalls

Plastic finger covers to protect wounded fingers and to keep dressings clean (various sizes).


Pre-rolled elasticated finger bandages for holding dressings in place and protecting wounds on fingers.

First Aid Cabinet

Fully lockable.
From £26.97

First Aid Kit 1-10

For the workplace; 1-10 person.
From £42.89

First Aid Kit 11-20

For the workplace; 11-20 person.
From £52.90

First Aid Kit 21-50

For the workplace; 21-50 person.

Leukostrip Skin Closures

For minor cuts
From £8.41


Fabric and Washproof Plasters
From £27.11

Truck First Aid Kit

First aid kit in nylon case. Refill also available