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• For Permanent Fencing • Very Safe - Ideal for Horses • Soft Surface • Low Breaking strength • High Conductivity • Quality Braided Construction • Long Life

Very safe for your animals with a low breaking strength of only 225kg and a
smooth contact surface. This premium braided rope has a soft core which
allows some flexibilty in the case of an animal becoming entangled but
will not stretch in normal use. Durability and high conductivity makes this
product a very sensible choice for permanent fencing.
Highly recommended for use with young stock or foals.

Picture of Maxicord 200m Brown
Maxicord 200m Brown
SKU: H5888
Picture of Maxicord 500m Brown
Maxicord 500m Brown
SKU: H5889
Picture of Maxicord 200m White
Maxicord 200m White
SKU: H5886
Picture of Maxicord 500m White
Maxicord 500m White
SKU: H5887
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