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Iron R Supplement 4L

A high specification Iron and Vitamin supplement.
From £3.00

Dispensing Pumps

Standard pump action dispenser

Drum Pump

Standard pump action dispenser

Equistro Haemolytan 400

A well balanced supply of vitamins
From £21.46

Equivite Supplement

Ideal for feeding on a daily basis to horses that are fed on forage only



New Bludd

For vigorous athletic blood levels in horses.

Plusvital® Breeding Syrup

A special formulation for foals, yearlings, stallions, pregnant and lactating mares.

Plusvital® Training Syrup

Palatable multi-vitamin, essential amino acid, protein, mineral and trace element supplement

Red Cell®

Yucca flavoured chelated vitamin iron mineral feed supplement
From £19.04

Selenavite® E Powder

A totally balanced blend of vitamins and minerals.
From £48.85


SpeedXcell™ is a balanced multivitamin and mineral supplement, fully in solution, for daily feeding to performance horses.
From £14.96

Vitamin C

Daily Vitamin C supplement