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Oil Additives

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Corn Oil

100% Pure Corn Oil
From £21.95

Curragh Carron Oil

Curragh Carron Oil is a traditional digestive aid for stallions, mares, foals and horses in training.
From £23.88

Linseed Oil

Great for your horses hair and coat, skin and digestive system
From £29.95

NAF Cod Liver Oil

A top quality cod liver oil with guaranteed levels of Vitamins A and D.

NAF Omega Oil

Supports health, vitality and performance
From £58.45

Rice Bran Oil

Essential for optimum health and muscle building
From £17.81

Soya Oil

Soya Oil is a nutritious oil that provides a ready source of energy and high levels of lineolic acid.

Super Solvitax Cod Liver Oil

Highly refined for palatability