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Tall Paddock Divider Kit (Horse)

Tall Paddock Divider Kit for Horses
SKU: H4964

As H4961 paddock divider kit but with 140cm posts for use with larger ponies and horses. Can be converted to run off a 12v battery with the purchase of H4938 wet battery leads.


  • Easystop P250 Energiser with Leads & Earth Stake
  • 1 x 9v-55ah Maintenance free battery
  • 1 x Tape End Tensioner pk2 (iruangle)
  • 1 x megatape 12mm x 200m
  • 2 x Tape End Connections (plastic plate)
  • 20 x 140cm Megapost tall fence post
  • 1 x electric fence sign
  • 1 x gate handle
  • 1 x Instructions

For a Pony paddock dividing kit please see Complete Paddock Divider Kit (Pony)