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Salt and Mineral Blocks

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From £4.10

Bricksize Salt Lick Holder Economy

Plastic coated steel.

EquiBlock Keratin 12.5kg

Marlow Equiblock Keratin 12.5kg
From £4.25

NAF Himalayan Salt Licks

NAF Himalayan Salt Licks

Salt Lick Holder

Plastic coated steel.

Stockyard Bricksize Mineral Salt Licks Pk 10 x 2kg

Tradition red mineral lick

Stockyard Bricksize Salt Licks

Traditional brick size salt lick

Stockyard Salt & Mineral Block with Copper

This block contains copper and is therefore not suitable for use where sheep may have access to it.

Stockyard Salt & Mineral Block without Copper

This block is suitable for locations where sheep may have access to it.