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Tack Cleaning/Care

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Application Brush

For application of polish, etc.

Belvoir Leather Balsam

Belvoir Leather Balsam 500ml
From £6.91

Glycerine B.P.

A syrup widely used as a moisturiser, or sweetener.
From £8.96

Glycerine Spray Soap

Convenient and very easy-to-use.
From £10.00

Horseman's One Step®

Cleans and conditions all leather and synthetics in one easy step.
From £13.17

Hydrophane™ Glycerine Leather & Saddle Soap

Large and economical tub of saddle soap.
From £8.05

Hydrophane™ Leather Dressing

Protects new leather and revitalizes old.
From £3.86

Hydrophane™ Traditional Saddle Soap Bar

Traditional Saddle Soap Bar
From £2.75

Kiwi Premium Shoe Polish

Kiwi Premium Shoe Polish

Ko-Cho-Line Leather Dressing Liquid

Formulated to renovate, soften and revive saddlery leather, whilst preserving and waterproofing

Lincoln Neatsfoot Oil

Regular application with a cloth or brush will ensure leather remains supple.

Metal Polish

For use on all non-plated metal items to produce a brilliant shine and protect against corrosion.

Polishing Brush

7" varnished stock, pure black hair, for polishing etc.